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With the advent of website builers back in the early 2000's, We moved away from code develoment to Wix.

PC Magazine Best of the Year 2019:

If you want to get a website online with a minimum of effort and a maximum of creative latitude, look no further than Wix. Its interface is one of the most intuitive, slick, and powerful in the ever-growing group of website-building services we've tested. Wix offers standout features, such as online storage for your site assets, cool video backgrounds, animations for titles, and mobile apps. A free account option, a gallery of third-party site widgets, and strong blogging and commerce features round out this Editors' Choice website builder. The company is aggressively and continually improving the service, too, with things like Wix Code for building dynamic web applications, performance upgrades, and business tools.

After creating an account, you choose a general site type—business, designer, event, blog, and so on—and then choose whether you want Wix to automatically create a site for you using Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) or to use a site template. More on ADI in a bit. There are 12 top-level site types, each with several subcategories to choose from. For instance, there's a Restaurant choice with subcategories for bar, café, catering, and more. For our first Wix test site, I used Photography > Travel Photographer. Clicking a big Go button opens a generous choice of templates. There are 20 beautiful template options just for that narrow field, including those for landscape, street, and portrait photographers.

In all, Wix offers hundreds of template choices, more than Squarespace or Weebly. Many are free, though some business choices require an eCommerce level subscription. Each template preview helpfully shows you how your site will look on a smartphone screen, too.

Wix: The best website builder for small business.